Apartment SOLD!

Hello darlings!

As most of you know (if you have been following me on any of my social media or has been my family here in my blog since the beginning, you would have been aware that later last year, we moved in, into a small apartment at the city centre of Stavanger that my husband owns and has been renting it out while living abroad.

We have renovated some parts of the apartment and made it feel like a home. Most of our stuff are still in a storage facility and most of the things/furniture that we are using in the apartment are the ones that belong here.

Here’s what the apartment looks like when we moved in..

Here’s what it looks right now!

Aside from the renovations and finally feeling at home and settled, we have SOLD the apartment as well!!! SURPRISE!!!

Another great, great news from us too is that WE ARE NEW HOUSE OWNERS NOW! Yes, we are finally home owners! Can you believe that??

We are sooooo all over the moon right now. We are very much excited even though we both know that this is some kind of a real grown up stuff to do and we’ve not done it full-time before! This is so amazing and exciting and we can’t wait to share more details with you soon!!!


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