Winter holiday 2021

Hi darlings!

It’s been awhile since my last update here – my little daughter has been taking a lot of me and I’ve spending every bits of my energy on her and whenever I got some extra energy left, I tried to spend it doing my errands and gym time aka my me time these days.

This past few weeks, just before spring officially started, we have been going to Sirdal for some short winter holidays. Einar has been so excited to try out his new skis and I am just so thrilled to be taking Victoria to the mountains for her first winter holiday.

We were so lucky with the weather – the beautiful fresh snow during the evening and some sun during the day was just exceptional. We also had the chance to meet up for some outdoor hotdog bbq and coffee with some cousins and aunt and uncle.

Winter is now over and we had a great time but we are now ready for spring and summer! See you at the end of the year, beautiful winter!


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