Heyya! It’s been really quite a while since the last time I’ve updated my space in here – I have to say, its been a lot going on with me and I have to be honest that keeping my online portfolio is the only reason, why I’ve lasted this long with my site this time.

That, is hopefully going to change. I have decided to keep a regular update and story of my personal stories in here from now on – then at least, you’ll have a glimpse on how I think and make me seem like a human being too. 🙂

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU MY DARLINGS! I hope you all had a wonderful holidays together with your loved ones.

I had an amazing time with my in-laws, daughter and husband. I am missing terribly my two sons but I’m sure they had a great time in Australia – flying in a hot air balloon in the morning and watching “Hamilton” – being one of the best musical in the world – doesn’t sound so bad at all.

Here in Norway, we celebrated Christmas, the more traditional way – dinner with the family on a Christmas Eve (we had “Ribbe”, together with the most famous Scandinavia’s distilled spirit, “Aquavit”), then we opened TONS of presents – like A LOT! It was a very Merry Christmas of gifts! (One of my most favourite part every year!)

It was a really really fun night and a real family time. I’ve posted and taken very few photos this year because I felt good being in the present with my family rather than feeding an on-time work for social media.

The first day of Christmas – in our family tradition involves having lunch at the Grandfather’s house. We call him “Farfar eller Oldefar Håkon”. He is 96 years old and its been almost 7 years now that I have been involved in this family tradition that I love so much! It’s always a joy to see all the cousins and all their babies and I’m kinda growing with them now. Only – Its a bit difficult with the language sometimes – I could have probably expressed myself more and give them more of me but, it’s getting better – after almost a decade now. LOL

Well.. That’s all from me for now. I’ll catch you up later with my new job, my 2022 recap, my life lately and all that stuff..

I hope you and I will be filled with all these Christmas happiness and joy in our hearts all throughout the year! Cheers to positivity and wonderful life ahead of us!

Win X


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