Winter Skin Care Routine and Most Recommended Products

Hello my darlings! Welcome back! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my winter skin care routine – targeting mainly on the face and body and my top most favourite products these days!

Are you ready? Here we go..

So, it all started when we moved in Bucharest when I started taking my skin care routine seriously and by seriously I mean, not being lazy in taking care of it because going into spas and facials here in Europe especially in Norway is not cheap unlike in Asia where there are so many options and cold weather dryness and sun burning from the snow isn’t a problem.

Here is my routine and favourite products these days:


Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub – this is my absolute face scrub since February 2020. This exfoliating scrub is infused with pineapples and papaya enzymes. It is so light and it gently buffs away dead skin and dullness in my face and it always gives me that healthy glow after. Price: $39

Ole Henriksen Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub – I’ve only started using this scrub few months ago and I love everything about it! It is formulated with volcanic sand, green fusion complex – green tea, eucalyptus, algae and Irish moss extracts. It leaves my skin sooooo minty fresh and smooth! Price: $28


FRESH Rose Deep Dehydration Facial Toner – my absolute favourite toner and the prettiest too! It is alcohol free and jam-packed with real rose petals and it is laced with toning rose fruit extracts, rose water, and so much more to help retain the moisture levels and enhance suppleness in skin. My super favourite! Price: $45


Ole Henriksen Truth Serum this is my never miss a day without this product serum! This is my daily multivitamin for my face. This little bottle of vitamin C is what helps me with my skin hydration, fight against early signs of aging and firmness. It is super silky and absorbs quickly into the skin – so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with oiliness in your skin after. Price: $50

The Ordinary. “Buffet” – this is my alternate serum on days that I want extra hydration on my skin. This multi-technology peptide serum is alcohol free, silicon-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. This formula also targets multiple signs of aging. This is my ultimate choice among all in their brand as this offers almost everything that your skin needs from a serum! Price: $28


Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme since I turned 30, I have always been so scared not using eye cream. I am actually not very sure if it has an effect – but maybe there is. LOL! I usually just use a cold cold spoon or roller in my under eye but I really don’t want to regret not looking after my under eye – so I jumped on the wagon and religiously apply this cream on my eye every single day. I love that it’s not too thick or thin but its quick to absorb and it smells nice. Price: $39


Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme – I have been using this delightful jar of cream for about 16 months now and I have been asking myself why did I only start using it now and not earlier. LOL! But I am so glad that I have started using this and loving it every day! Living in a four season country – which my skin wasn’t used to, I have always struggle in finding the right moisturiser for my skin. It’s either too thick that it makes my face too oily and doesn’t have a very good reaction with makeup, too thin that it doesn’t give me enough moisture and leaves my skin dry and dull – but not this one. This one delivers it promise of 24 hours hydration and brightening. I can’t imagine finding another one again. This is so perfect for me! Price: $46

SUMMER FRIDAYS Jet Lag Mask – this is my all time to-go moisturiser for almost two years now. This has been my best friend everytime I travel especially on a long flight! This tube of goodies is made of chestnut extract to polish away the dullness and make you look so radiant; its jammed with vitamin c and niacinamide – the ingredient that visibly reduces pores and uneven tones. I love the smell of this mask and at home, I would use this whenever I needed as nice pamper and extra plump on my skin 🙂 Price: $48


Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence – this is my oldest – all time favourite sunscreen and have been using it for more than five years already. This one is so lightweight on the skin and absorbs very quickly! Price: $40

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF50 – this is another one of my all time favourite . I am super obsessed with this one too because it feels so light on the skin, not sticky, absorbs so quickly and most especially it gives me a nice glow in my skin – its super ideal when you just want to go out without wearing any makeup or foundation but just want to show off a nice skin day and your natural glow! Price: $10

GLOSSIER Futuredewahhhh! I can’t imagine life when I ran out of this one. Bought this gem the last time Glossier had a pop-up in London and unfortunately they are no where to be found here in Norway! Anyway, this oil serum hybrid is the ultimate shortcut to have the best dewy, glowing, cared for looking skin – in one product! It has nourishing oils that doesn’t feel greasy and it gives you a gleamy, well-moisturised look that lasts up to 12 hours. I use this as a last step in my skin care routine and this doesn’t interfere with makeup – just make it dewier. Price: $24

SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence Mist – this is my special treat for my skin whenever it needs special attention – like when its extra dry, requires more hydration or whenever I am travelling. This hydrating mist penetrates through makeup and locks in moisture for refreshed, dewy skin anytime, anywhere! Price: $69


RITUALS Sakura – my super favourite sugar body scrub. I don’t even know how to give justice on the actual smell of this scrub! But I know it leaves my skin the softest and smelling soooooo amazing whenever I use this scrub. Price: $16.50

NALA Ginger Body Salt Scrub – when I lived in Romania, I would only go to Nala Cosmetics for all of my body care supplies. They are extremely very good when it comes to taking care of my skin. They are 100% made of natural ingredients and they always leave my skin so soft and hydrated! I got a few of my favourites before I left Romania and this is my last one! Price: RON 39.90


Rituals of Ayurveda Balancing Body Cream – this is by far my most favourite winter body cream. I use this whenever I feel like I needed a pamper to my skin. This body cream leaves my skin super hydrated and it smells so amazing too ! Price: NOK 195

OMMIA Organic Body Butter Mother and Child – this is one of my top favourite especially during winter. It is made with natural ingredients – Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. It deeply nourishes my skin and it quickly absorbs to my skin. Its a must have for me and maybe for you too if you like silky smooth and velvety feels on your skin! 🙂 Price: RON 100


One thought on “Winter Skin Care Routine and Most Recommended Products

  1. What a great post! Very helpful…i come from a tropical country, and since i came to Norway, i seem not to find the best skin care product. The dry air especially during winter is not good for my skin… but i know what to look for. Thanks for sharing


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